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True Organic Towel Collection

Made with certified organic cotton growned

on land where agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers have not been used for three years or more, by fair trade farmers with have a safe and hygienic work environment, receive a fair living wage, and guaranteed fair and sustainable sales prices.

Stripe imabari 2.jpg

Created with hospitality in mind.

A tough towel collection that can stand up to the heaviest and toughest use expected in the industry. It won’t deform, fade away with chlorine, or lose its natural incredible softness.

Imabari towel.jpg

Made in Imabari, Japan

A city that has led the towel industry for 120 years thanks to its great natural environment, soft river water gentle to the yarn.

Imabari towel has its own quality inspection method. For example, there is the “five-second rule.” This checks whether a towel sinks after it is placed on water within five seconds. This is a unique inspection used in the area to guarantee water absorbance that is characteristic of Imabari towels. Only towels that pass such standards can be branded as an Imabari towel.

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