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Product customization

13/08/2019, Singapore

Providing quality amenities has proven to be a must in order to obtain more bookings, and better reviews from guests.

We all know about the importance of beautiful pictures to make your property more attractive on Airbnb or VRBO listings. One way to make it look even more professional is showing what amenities are available on the pictures, in addition than in the house description.

We can assist you in supplying completely customized toiletries for your listings.

How to create your own ?

Contact us and let us know about your project.

1. Compose your amenities set by letting us know what elements you wish to orders, here are a few examples of available toiletries:

- shower gel

- shampoo

- conditionner

- soap

- cotton buds

- toothbrush...

We will send you a catalogue with different design to choose from as a base for your toiletries.

2. Choose your preferred design.

3. Choose your favorite fragrance for the gel and soap.

4. Customize your design by sending us the texts and logos you wish to print on the amenities. We will communicate with the manufacturer directly and send you regular feedback regularly in order to obtain the best result for your very own toiletries.

5. Once all designs are confirmed, we will send you a quotation based on your choices, for you to confirm or modify.

6. Confirm your order and let us follow up the whole production process at the factory directly. We will guarantee regular and strict quality control.

7. Production usually takes 30 days to complete. The delay can vary depending on the quantity and type of products.

See some amenities set examples below to give you some ideas ;) Let us know about your project and we will be happy to send you complete information !

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