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Returns and refunds policy

We always try our best to select quality products and to carefully process each order.

However, in case you are not satisfy by the quality of our items, please contact us at or phone us at
+65 87931582 to explain the problem you have encountered. We will be pleased to accept returns and offer appropriate solutions.


We will accept returns within 14 days from the date of reception of your order and we will refund return shipping costs to you, based on the payment receipt made to your shipping agent. Please remember to keep the receipt and send us a copy.

In some cases, depending on the product type and on the customer's location, return shipping cost may cost more than the actual product. In this case, we will work out a solution directly with you and may send you back product replacement directly, without you having to ship it back to us.


If you do not want a replacement of the products, we will refund you the invoice cost + return shipping costs within 7 days of receipt of your return.
If you prefer, we can also offer a credit of the same amount on your next order.

Guarantee of electronic products

We offer a period of guarantee of 6 months, from purchase date, on all electronic products listed on our website ( see ‘’Smartbnb’’ product category).

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